Speech Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy Services provide children with the support needed to enhance their communication skills to be better communicators with others within their environment. Communication should not be a privilege; it is something that every individual should have a right to obtain and express successfully. Treatment approaches we provide address the child’s daily living in an individualized wholistic manner to support their daily living skills, play and relationships with others by enhancing their communication skills.

  • Red Flags: Limited vocabulary and/or not saying many words and/or sentences to express themselves
  • Difficulty understanding what the child is saying verbally due to poor pronunciation of sounds.
  • Difficulty expressing themselves due to poor organization of thoughts and/or formulation of words.
  • Difficulties understanding what is being said to them.
  • Repetition of sounds (stuttering) which can result in frustration for the child and can cause them to become upset.
  • Difficulties eating and/or tolerating certain food textures and/or consistencies.
  • Poor vocal volume and/or atypical vocal quality through the child’s verbal productions.
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