Physical Therapy

Kori Mannon LPT

I graduated from Northern Arizona University in May 1997. I have had my own business from 2000 until present and although I have worked with a ton of adults in a wide variety of settings, I have always LOVED working with kids. But I also love living in small towns so that means I don't get to specialize. When I was a young girl, my mom volunteered at Carrie Tingley Hospital when it was still in T. or C., and it was like Eden! So, I used to ride the bus there after school and play with all the kids there! I was fascinated by their braces and devices and how they moved! We would race them up and down the hallways, take them to the courtyard to catch turtles and frogs and then swim in the pools that were supplied with hot mineral waters (there was a tunnel that connected an indoor and outdoor pool). It was the most amazing way to grow up, just being surrounded by these unique friends, not realizing anyone would ever struggle to interact with them or look at them differently; they were just cool kids in my mind, and I think it sunk in really deeply that just getting them moving was good for them and me. As an adult now, I realize how blessed I was to have that time. It is ingrained in me that movement drives socialization, laughter, wellness, self regulation and efficacy as well as develops our minds (client and therapist alike) so that is what I feel blessed to facilitate each and every day.

Personally, I have finished countless marathons including Boston, 5 Ironmans and so many 1/2 ironmans etc. I am now on to raising pack burros and racing them on mountain trails where I run alongside them - again not becuase I'm crazy but because I think healthy movement is at the center of wellness for all of God's creatures!

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